Here you can find tips to do compositions in English language.

Kinds of texts.



            Unlike most paper types, opinion writing doesn’t require objective insight into the subject matter. Having stated your personal opinion on a topic of your choice, you are required to proceed with arguments that explain and justify your position.

Opinion Essay Introduction.

In the introduction, you should be very clear about the subject of your presentation. Name it in generic terms and define your line of argumentation. The reader must be informed about your ideas and attitude toward the topic since the very beginning of your essay. Your topic will, usually, be formulated a as question – you should provide an answer to it in the introduction, and elaborate on it in the body essay.

Opinion Essay Body – Paragraphs.

In subsequent paragraphs you will elaborate on your arguments; that is, you will provide an argumentative context to the conviction you expressed in the introduction of the paper..


The Conclusion is the end of the essay. It is a short paragraph. It often has the same idea as the Introduction, only in different words.

Opinion Essay Language and Vocabulary

  • Avoid being too personal. Don’t expose too many details from your personal life.

Avoid going off-topic. all arguments should reinforce thesis statement and you shouldn’t go off mark providing additional information on the arguments themselves – their origin, definition, etc.; 

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