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What is the European Language Portfolio?
It is a 3-part document in which language learners can record their language learning and cultural experiences. There is an adult version, with standard presentation of the passport across Europe, and a junior version for younger learners. The portfolio belongs to the learner.

The European Languages Portfolio developed from the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning (CEF), in order to support lifelong language learning and to promote understanding and tolerance across languages and cultures. It was launched in 2001 by the Modern Languages Division of the Council of Europe.

Language Passport

The Passport section provides a summary of learners’ proficiency in different languages and is linked to the common reference levels in the CEF. Learners record their formal qualifications and language and intercultural skills, experiences and achievements. There is also a grid for self assessment.

  Language Biography

The Language Biography helps learners to plan, reflect on and assess their progress.

The Dossier is for storing evidence of the language skills, acquired both formally and informally, which have been recorded in the biography or passport. 

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